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Vancouver Instagram Spots

Vancouver Instagram Spots

The best-kept secrets of Vancouver's Instagram spots that will make your followers go wild.


Unearth Vancouver's stunning and awe-inspiring gems, hidden from plain view and waiting for your camera lens to reveal them! With captivating backdrops, jaw-dropping surroundings and otherworldly vistas that take your breath away.

These are the seldom-visited quiet spots that have yet to make it into the Instagram spotlight - but if you act quickly, you could be amongst the first to create amazing content here.

The experience starts with just knowing where to look. In unlikely areas, like a corner-store, outstanding public garden, or an erstwhile waterfront cafe. But it doesn't stop there; you need to capture them in a unique way that will make your followers go wild.

Here’s how you do it: take some time exploring the city streets in search of great backgrounds, try a different vantage point than usual (like shooting from a rooftop) and experiment with colours, light and shapes. Add props when needed or strip away unwanted distractions in the frame for a cleaner look.

Capture different perspectives and even combine these creative techniques in one shot if you're daring. Keep track of all the tricks of the trade like limitations to what time of day works best for each spot as well as understanding different technical concepts like aperture/exposure/ISO etcetera as writing captions also matter in marketing your content.

We're not done yet! Don’t forget those filters either – they can help transform any ordinary image into your own masterpiece ready for fans around the world! Just be careful not use too many which can damage its authenticity - so pickout their purposes wisely..

Benefit from connecting with like-minded locals who share similar interests as most may know locations where few dare explore because sometimes trying too hard can end up looking artificial —something we want to avoid at all costs here! Remember that when something looks genuinely beautiful – don’t overdo it but instead commit yourself on capturing it at its genuine finest and let that speak for itself!

Take your Instagram to the next level by exploring Vancouver's undiscovered gems & unlock their hidden secrets.

Let me take you on a journey of exploration, beginning with Alley Oop, a vintage-style game centre in the heart of Gastown that oozes nostalgia and old-school vibes from the moment you walk through its doors.

From here we can tour the iconic Capilano Suspension Bridge Park in North Vancouver, where you can explore the treetops and take in the stunning scenery. A must-see Pacific Northwest attraction, bridge fans will love it!

If flora and fauna are more your thing, head to The Bloedel Conservatory on Queen Elizabeth Park – home to more than 200 species of tropical plants and birds worldwide.

Venture further out and find Fun Alley – an abandoned street art alleyway tucked away near Strathcona that exudes urban beauty like no other spot in town. Here you can capture unreal shots while exploring its eclectic graffiti walls, perfect for Instagram posts that'll make waves!

No exploration of Vancouver would be complete without capturing a picture (or two!) of Lions Gate Bridge which offers incredible views day or night & is one of the best locations for sunrise/sunset captures all year!

Head into downtown, snapping shots as you go along: Digital Orca sculpture at Jack Poole plaza & Engagement’s sculpture at Vancouver Art Gallery provide amazing backgrounds for any creative or fashion shot; or explore some of VPL’s photogenic library buildings which never fail to make for an interesting shot if used correctly!

Don't stop there – carry on further past these unexplored gems & into their secrets – hinting at stories within &creating awesome personal snaps with local significance only seen or known by residents or those ‘in-the-know'.

Put your imagination into play & let loose as you go around doing what makes your eye happy & soul satisfied: discover hidden treasures & overlooked corners that make up this beautiful British Columbian landscape visually documented through your Instagram feed now.

Whyte Islet

There are many ways to capture a spectacular sunset in West Vancouver, and one of them is by heading to Whyte Islet, an island in Horseshoe Bay. The small island in Whytecliff Park is popular with photographers, particularly at sunset. You can take a bus to Whytecliff Park from Downtown Vancouver in 35 or 40 minutes.

You can also walk along the beach, which offers a unique perspective. One popular route leads to a beach overlook, where you can see the entire area head-on. You can even walk down the stone steps to the beach at low tide.

Capilano Suspension Bridge

The Capilano Suspension Bridge is one of Vancouver's most popular tourist attractions. Since it is so popular, you may want to make a reservation to avoid disappointment. The best time to visit the bridge is either at sunset or during Canyon Lights, when the bridge is lit up with fairy lights. However, this can be crowded and it may be difficult to get good photos.

There are also free shuttle buses from downtown Vancouver to the park. While the shuttle service to the park is free, you should check the parking availability. There are only a limited number of parking spaces.

Kitsilano Beach

Kitsilano Beach is a beautiful, 600-yard stretch of pristine sand. It is part of the 14-mile Seawall Walk along the Vancouver waterfront. Located in Kitsilano, it is easy to access from the downtown area by car, ferry, or bus.

The city's beaches are world-famous, with large sandy areas, showers, and lifeguards. There are also regular structured activities like beach volleyball. The beach is also surrounded by several great restaurants and is accessible to everyone. Parking is available nearby but most of it is for residents.

You can enjoy an early breakfast on Kitsilano Beach by visiting the local cafés. A good coffee shop is Au Comptoir on 4th Avenue. This cozy local cafe offers excellent coffee, a large selection of pastries, and light bites. It's a great spot to read a book, do your work, or meet with friends. The menu changes seasonally, using fresh local produce.

Queen Elizabeth Park

Queen Elizabeth Park in Vancouver is a 130-acre municipal park on Little Mountain. Initially, the area was the basalt quarry site that provided road materials. Today, the park is an oasis of greenery and is a great place to walk and picnic. You can find trails, lakes, and playgrounds that are free to enjoy.

This park is also home to a variety of art pieces. One of the most recent installations is Love in the Rain, by artist Bruce Voyce. The sculpture depicts four wire couples, each under an umbrella. Visitors are invited to add a padlock to the sculpture to symbolize locking in love.

Canada Place

There are numerous photo opportunities at Canada Place, including the famous murals, the Vancouver Art Gallery, and the Science World. For a truly Instagrammable experience, you should check out the museum's art installations, spread out over several rooms. The museum's building is ideal for Instagramming, especially with its architectural features.

Several shops and restaurants are located near the Canada Place area. There's also FlyOver Canada, a popular attraction. The oldest part of Vancouver, Gastown, offers modern and historical architecture. There are several Instagram-able spots in Gastown, including the historic Hotel Europe, a flat iron heritage building.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much should you bring to Vancouver?

The length of your stay will determine how much money you need. You might bring $500 for an overnight stay. If you intend to stay longer, however, it is worth bringing more cash.

Don't forget to take time to relax, eat out, shop, and go sightseeing. So make sure you pack plenty of extra clothing and toiletries.

You may also spend lots of time in the city exploring it, so make sure to bring your camera. Because you will likely be outside, don't forget sunscreen.

Which month is best to visit Vancouver, Canada?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as different people have different preferences. However, the best time to visit Vancouver is generally from May to September. This time of year is ideal for outdoor activities, as it is often mild and sunny. There are many festivals and events that take place during this time, so there's always something to do.

If you're looking for a quieter time to visit, October to April is generally considered the off-season. This is when you will find the best accommodation and flight deals.

Vancouver is great no matter the season.

If you love skiing or snowboarding, winter is the best season to visit. The ski season typically runs from November to April.

Vancouver is a great spot to go if you love hiking and camping. There are many beautiful trails to explore, and the scenery is simply stunning.

Vancouver's best time to visit depends on what kind of experience you are seeking. It's possible to visit Vancouver at any time.

Is Vancouver expensive to visit?

Vancouver is expensive depending on what mode of transport you use, where you stay, and what activities are planned. If you want to save money on your trip, consider taking public transit instead of renting a car and staying in hostels or Airbnbs instead of hotels. Vancouver is an expensive city. Be prepared to spend more than in Canada or North America. There are many options to save money and take advantage of all Vancouver has to offer. Planning is not necessary to save money on your Vancouver trip.

What are Vancouver's top-kept secrets and best kept?

Vancouver is well-known because of its vibrant city life and natural beauty. But there are many hidden gems. These are just a few.

Capilano Suspensionbridge - A bridge measuring 450 feet in length that crosses a canyon within Capilano Park. It offers stunning views of the surrounding forest.

Vancouver Aquarium - A world-class facility in Stanley Park, home to more than 70,000 marine species.

Gastown - A historic neighbourhood with cobblestone streets and Victorian-style buildings, Gastown is now one of Vancouver's trendiest areas with many bars, restaurants and shops.

Granville Island is a lively market that can be found on a small island near False Creek. It offers a wide range of food, entertainment and art.

Vancouver Art Gallery – One of Canada’s most important art museums, the Vancouver Art Gallery houses over 10,000 artifacts from all over the globe.

Science World - A hands-on science museum perfect for kids and adults.

Vancouver is surrounded with mountains and forests which make it a paradise for hikers. There are trails of all difficulty levels to explore, many with stunning views of the city and beyond.

Vancouver is home to over 19 kilometers of coastline. Popular spots include Kitsilano Beach, English Bay Beach and Jericho Beach.

These are just a handful of the many hidden gems Vancouver has to share. Explore and see for yourself!

What is the most beautiful part of Vancouver?

It's difficult to answer as beauty is subjective. Many people think that Vancouver's natural scenery has some of the best in the world. Vancouver offers a variety of natural beauty, including stunning views from the coast and lush forests.

Vancouver's Pacific ocean is where I love to be. It's where we meet our maker and where I find peace when feeling lost. The ocean is an endless expanse of water that doesn't care whether you live here or not. It is open to everyone. This is why it's the best place for anyone who feels like they've been running too quickly and needs to slow down.

There is nothing better than strolling along the shoreline and watching waves crash against rocks. It's the ideal way to relax and connect with nature.

How much does it take to travel around Vancouver Canada?

Vancouver taxi rides cost an average $12.00 per mile. That average trip from downtown to UBC (University of British Columbia) is USD 30.00.

Renting a car in Vancouver costs USD 5.00 an hour.

Buses are the cheapest option. SkyTrain's single ticket costs only CAD 2.80 (USD 2.04), while a day pass costs only CAD 5.60 ($5.20).


  • Trends of urbanization mean the Greater Vancouver area now includes 51 percent of the province's population, followed by Greater Victoria with 8 percent. (
  • Sixty-four percent of residents voted in favour of hosting the games.[72] After the Olympic joy had faded, Campbell's popularity started to fall. (
  • *Likely to sell out: Based on Viator's booking data and information from the provider from the past 30 days, it seems likely this experience will sell out through Viator, a Tripadvisor company. (
  • 75 percent of the province is mountainous (more than 1,000 metres (3,300 ft) above sea level); 60 percent is forested; and only about 5 percent is arable. (
  • Over 40 percent of Vancouver's residents were born outside of Canada, and the city is home to robust Chinese, Indian, and Filipino communities, to name a few. (

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The 10 Best Museums in Vancouver

Vancouver is known as one of Canada's most picturesque cities and a popular tourist destination. It is known for its spectacular natural beauty, delicious food, world-class art gallery, vibrant nightlife, outdoor activities and many other things. It is home to many fascinating museums. Here are some great museums that you should see when visiting Vancouver.

  1. Museum of Anthropology (MOA), located in Downtown Vancouver across from Stanley Park, and adjacent to Science World. This museum contains many collections, including Chinese Art. Oceanic Art. Canadian Aboriginal Art. Prehistoric Art. Ancient Egyptian Art. There is also a special exhibition dedicated to the work of renowned photographer Ansel Adams.
  2. BC Sports Hall of Fame: Located in downtown Vancouver, right beside the Olympic Village, this museum was established in 1976 to honour British Columbia's sports stars. There are many exhibits in the building, including a bronze statue of Gordie Howe, a hockey legend.
  3. Dr. Sun Yat Sen Classical Chinese Garden & Bonsai Collection : This is one of North America's largest bonsai gardens and is also considered to be among the finest in the world. There are thousands of bonsai varieties to be seen alongside bridges and pagodas, temples and teahouses as well as ponds, bridges, temples and pagodas.
  4. Vancouver Lookout: Also called Grouse Mountain and offering stunning views over Vancouver and the Gulf Islands, this lookout is also known as Grouse Mountain. A small visitor center can be found at the summit of the mountain, which has several exhibits, gift shops, as well restaurants.
  5. UBC Museum of Archaeology and Culture. This museum holds many historical items including totem poles and pottery.
  6. Museum of Vancouver: This museum is a must-see for anyone who loves modern art. You will find original works from many famous artists, including Andy Warhol, Keith Haring and Robert Rauschenberg.
  7. Vancouver Public Library: You will find an extensive collection of books, magazines, DVDs, computers, and even a cool hologram exhibit. You can find great programs on the first floor, particularly during the summer.
  8. Museum of Contemporary Glass is located in Vancouver's West End. It houses more than 5,000 glass objects. The museum allows visitors to explore the fascinating process of creating art from glass.
  9. Chinatown Cultural Centre is home two museums. The China Through Time Museum is the first, and it explores Canada's history of Chinese immigrants. The Chinese Canadian National Historic Site (second) tells the story of Chinese immigrants arriving in British Columbia in the early days.
  10. Vancouver Art Gallery: It is Canada's largest museum of art and includes many famous artists such as Rembrandt (Van Gogh), Picasso, and many others. Vancouver Maritime Museum : This museum focuses on maritime history. It boasts a wide collection of ship models as well paintings and photographs. These are just a few of the many museums that Vancouver has to offer. You should definitely visit some of these museums if you're ever visiting the area. You won't be disappointed.