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Looking For Food in Vancouver Canada?

Looking For Food in Vancouver Canada?

The culinary secrets of Vancouver that locals don't want you to know about.

If you’re looking for a unique and exciting culinary adventure, Vancouver is the place for you. With its seemingly endless variety of restaurants, bars, pubs and eateries to suit every taste, plenty of delicious surprises are waiting to be discovered.

You won't be disappointed if it's upscale-casual Mexican at La Taqueria or casual-izakaya in Vancouver's West End. The food is fresher than ever and incredibly tasty, and the prices are also surprisingly reasonable.

Granville Island is one of Vancouver's hottest spots for trying all the delicious local flavours. Fresh seafood is a favourite here – stop by the Public Market for freshly caught oysters or grab a table at one of their seaside patios with a glass of wine.

And suppose you're looking for something more exotic across town. In that case, The Spicy 6 Fine Indian Cuisine offers some of the epitomai of the North Indian cuisine experience so authentic that even locals don't want to miss out on this pleasant experience!

The food scene in Vancouver is constantly changing and evolving – new restaurants are popping up all over the city every day with inventive new takes on classic dishes and unexpected fusions that will tantalize your tastebuds. So whether you're after gourmet food, traditional dishes, or an evening spent savouring craft cocktails, there's no better place than Vancouver to discover unique new culinary experiences.

Guu with Garlic

This casual izakaya in Vancouver's West End is an excellent place to eat, drink and play. Not only is the food tasty, but it's also reasonably priced. During the warmer months, you'll enjoy a plethora of outdoor seating.

Guu with Garlic has all the usual suspects. Aside from the ubiquitous burger, you'll also find okonomiyaki, takoyaki, and another traditional Japanese fare. On top of that, you'll find a variety of other exciting dishes, including oden, curry, and other hot pots. You'll also find sushi, beef tongue, and even cheesy waffles. The beer selection isn't shabby, either.

Granville Island

Whether looking for gourmet food, fresh seafood, or a drink, you will be spoilt for choice at Granville Island! The magical place is known for its eclectic and unique design, and you'll find that there is something for everyone here.

One of the biggest attractions on Granville Island is the Public Market. This is a fun, family-friendly area with lots of shops and galleries, including a play area and a play food court. It's also home to some fantastic food stalls. You can get fresh produce, meat, and baked goods.

La Taqueria

La Taqueria is an upscale-casual Mexican restaurant in Vancouver. It began as a small taco stand on Hastings Street in Gastown and has since expanded to two other locations in the Vancouver area. The company also operates a food truck.

La Taqueria is known for its horchata (milkshake-style traditional beverage), a large variety of soft tacos and many cocktails. They recently opened their first location in Burnaby. It will soon serve a standout brunch menu in the new Amazing Brentwood mall.

Spicy 6 Fine Indian Cuisine

The Spicy 6 Fine Indian Cuisine is a trendy restaurant that serves North Indian food. Its dishes are a mix of the traditional and modern. You'll find everything from the usual tandoori dishes to unique creations, such as the mustard chicken tikka. Aside from a good meal, you'll also enjoy the atmosphere at this restaurant.

Spicy 6 serves authentic and affordable Indian food. They offer a variety of vegetarian dishes, as well as meat and fish dishes. They also have a good wine list and a full bar. Their decor is quite dazzling.

Smoked salmon

Smoked salmon is a tasty and easy meal to enjoy. Whether you're eating it as part of a lunch, dinner, or as an appetizer, it's a perfect way to treat yourself. Unlike most processed meats, smoked salmon is a delicious and natural ingredient for various dishes. You can find salmon in several varieties, including pink, chinook and sockeye. Some brands include Masa's Salmon Smokehouse, Bruce's Country Market and Max's Deli.

Masa's Salmon Smokehouse offers two types of smoked salmon. They're both made from Canadian wild salmon. While both are very good, one of the best-smoked salmon products on the market is the wild Sockeye. It's harvested in British Columbia and cured with the simplest ingredients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe for me to travel alone in Vancouver?

Yes! Solo travellers can travel around the city with no problems in many cases. You should always be aware of your surroundings and careful when travelling in unfamiliar areas. Vancouver is a great place to start your research and learn about the city. It is a good idea for someone back home to know about your travel plans. If something happens, you can tell someone where to look for you.

Although there are risks associated with travelling anywhere, solo travellers can reduce them by taking basic precautions. If in doubt, trust your instincts - if it doesn't feel right then it probably isn’t. Take note of where you are and what's around. Be careful with valuables. Keep them near your body. Avoid walking alone, especially in dark places or areas without lighting. Vancouver is generally considered safe, but it is important to exercise caution as in other places.

Vancouver: Are three days enough?

In the past, yes. Now, almost three years later, I'd say no. There's still so much to do. There is no other place I would rather live.

There is an energy in this city that makes it feel alive. A feeling of possibility that makes life seem exciting again. It is a place that motivates me to keep going. To push my limits. To reach out to others and make important connections.

This city reminds of why I love creating and is driven to help others succeed. Because you feel more successful when you surround your self with positive people.

It was a wonderful experience to find such a supportive group. There have been so many people and businesses that I have met along the journey. The people around me inspire me, and they keep me learning how to grow.

Vancouver has been called home by many. Vancouver is a great place to live and work.

What is Vancouver, Canada most famous for?

Vancouver is known for its seafood.

Vancouver is also home of many microbreweries. Visitors can enjoy local beer at Steamworks Brewery or Storm Brewing Company. Granville Island Brewing Company. Big Rock Brewery.

A variety of craft cocktail bars are also available, including Bluebird Cafe. Slainte Irish Pub. Barboza. Dockside Social Club. Tonic Bar & Grill. Bistro L'Abattoir.

A wide variety of international cuisines are available in the city.

There are numerous cafes, bakeries, and patisserie shops that offer delicious pastries.

For shopping enthusiasts, Vancouver is home to some of the largest malls in North America, including Pacific Centre Mall (Pacific Centre), Metropolis at Metrotown (Metropolis), and Westgate Square Shopping Centre (Westgate).

Other attractions that are popular include Science World and Museum of Anthropology, Museum of Contemporary Art in Vancouver, Vancouver Aquarium, VanDusen Botanical Garden.

Can I find cheap flights to Vancouver from other countries?

There are a number of ways to book cheap flights to Vancouver. You can search online to find cheap flights or join a travel club like Expedia and Travelocity. Last-minute deals can be found at the airport and on airline websites.

You can also fly to a nearby city such as Seattle or Portland, then take a bus/train into Vancouver. Whatever method you choose, compare prices and find the best deal for your travel needs.


  • 12.5 percent of the province's area (114,000 km2 or 44,000 sq mi) is considered protected under one of the 14 different designations that includes over 800 distinct areas. (
  • Over 40 percent of Vancouver's residents were born outside of Canada, and the city is home to robust Chinese, Indian, and Filipino communities, to name a few. (
  • Sixty-four percent of residents voted in favour of hosting the games.[72] After the Olympic joy had faded, Campbell's popularity started to fall. (
  • British Columbia has moved from approximately 10 percent of Canada's population in 1971 to approximately 13 percent in 2006. (
  • During the 1770s, smallpox killed at least 30 percent of the Pacific Northwest First Nations. (

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What are the most beautiful hikes in Vancouver

Vancouver is a great place to hike and explore nature. You can take in the beauty of Vancouver's beaches, parks, and mountains. Vancouver offers many trails so you can hike to any part of the city without leaving the city. Here are our favorite hikes in Vancouver.

  1. Capilano Suspension Bridge Park North Shore : This park is in North Vancouver's Capilano River Valley. It has stunning views of Vancouver's Capilano River and surrounding forests. Mount Baker can be seen from this location.
  2. Grouse Mountain (West Side),: This mountain can be found in West Vancouver. It is home of several popular hiking trails such as the Pacific Spirit Trail. This trail takes hikers along British Columbia's coast and connects with Trans Canada Trail.
  3. Kitsilano Beach (South Side),: Kitsilano Beach, one of Vancouver's most popular beaches, is a great spot to unwind after a hard day at work. You can walk along the beach, go swimming, play volleyball, rent a bike or sit back and watch the sunset.
  4. Lynn Canyon Regional Park East Side: If you want to see the natural beauty that Vancouver has to offer, this park will be your perfect choice. Enjoy a stroll in the woods and possibly spot a bear.
  5. Lonsdale Quay Park (Central Area): If you want something different, head to Lonsdale Quay park. It is worth visiting because it has unique sculptures, gardens, and walking paths.
  6. Mt Seymour recreation Centre (North East).: This trail starts at the recreation center and continues up the mountain side to the top. You will be able to see the entire city from this trail.
  7. Oak Bay Marina - This trail runs by the water, and offers great views of Stanley Park as well as English Bay.
  8. Seawall Park in Downtown: This trail runs along False Creek's seawall and is a great spot to spend a beautiful afternoon. You can also see Science World, the Canadian Museum of Flight, and the Olympic Village.
  9. Strathcona Park (North West),: This park is well-known for its breathtaking view of the downtown skyline, and Burrard Inlet. You can take great photos here and it's free to visit.
  10. Van Dusen Botanical Garden (Southeast): This garden is a great place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city.