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Italian Food Downtown Vancouver

italian food downtown vancouver

How to find the most delicious Italian food downtown Vancouver has to offer.

Cravings for a delectable Italian dinner lure many to Vancouver's downtown district. But where to go among the myriad options? I know the answer! After much exploration, from shared plates and wood-fired pizzas to delicious pasta, here’s the hidden gem that tops them all.

Surrounded by chic decor and artistry within its walls, this restaurant features some of Vancouver's best Italian eats—albeit off-the-beaten-path. TripAdvisor praised it, as did other teams of food lovers who have visited as well.

Its secret ingredient lies in the freshness of its ingredients. Every dish is crafted with vibrant herbs, sharp cheeses and locally sourced produce, giving each bite a different flavour reminiscent of Italy itself. All the dishes are uniquely memorable too, ranging from classic favourites like garlic bread and carbonara to more complex creations such as pumpkin risotto.

Perhaps what makes this Italian eatery so special is its staff—always friendly and helpful in suggesting great pairings to match your meals. And they stay true to Italian roots: no pre-packaged sauces here! Everything you consume here is prepared with dedication and care; it's obvious they take pride in every dish sent out from their kitchen!

Cin Cin Ristorante & Bar

CinCin is one of Vancouver's best Italian restaurants. It's got all the usual high-end Italian fare, as well as some unique dishes. They also have an award-winning wine program.

Among the many reasons to visit CinCin is their signature Wood-Fired Cucina, which uses local ingredients to create a unique fusion of Italian and west coast flavours. As Chef de Cuisine Andrea Alridge describes it, "At CinCin, we believe that fresh, local ingredients should shine." The wood-fired oven allows Chef Andrea to experiment with new recipes and incorporate fresh herbs, spices, and other local produce.

Cibo Trattoria

Cibo Trattoria is a boutique Italian restaurant that serves up the best in local, sustainable cuisine. It's located inside the Moda Hotel in downtown Vancouver and is ideal for dinner, brunch, happy hour or a private party.

This stylish spot has rustic Italian fare and an award-winning wine list. Aside from the food, the most impressive part of the dining experience is the service. The team at Cibo is devoted to making your dining experience as memorable as possible.

For a special occasion, consider booking a table in the Madonna Room, which features dimmable lighting, a Carrera marble surround, and an imported Italian chandelier. It's a perfect setting to celebrate a special birthday or anniversary.

Sopra Sotto

Sopra Sotto is an Italian restaurant in Vancouver's Little Italy (not technically downtown but it's only a short drive). It is located on Commercial Drive and Grant Street. This Italian restaurant offers fresh Italian dishes, including bolognese and a dozen pizzas. The dishes are unpretentious, yet flavorful.

Executive chef Enrico Fratoni makes homemade pizza. There is a full beer and wine selection as well as specialty house martinis. Sopra Sotto is also a great spot for brunch and dinner.

Opened in 2008 by Simon Cumming, Sopra Sotto serves simple, natural Italian cuisine. He draws from his culinary experiences and personal experiences to craft the menu with exceptional execution.

Ask for Luigi

Ask for Luigi is an Italian restaurant that has been open for nine years. It has a rustic ambiance and is a great place to dine. The restaurant offers Italian cuisine, pasta, and pizza. Whether you're looking for a romantic dinner or a quick lunch, Ask for Luigi is the place to go.

The menu is a mix of old and new favourites. The signature dish at the restaurant is Luigi's Meatballs. These meatballs are made from beef, raisins, pine nuts, and zesty tomato sauce. There are plenty of options for the gluten-free afflicted as well.

La Terrazza

If you are in Vancouver, Canada, you are in luck. The city is home to a number of Italian food spots. Whether you are looking for a casual spot for a family dinner, a date night, or a romantic restaurant for two, there are plenty to choose from.

One of the top places to eat in Vancouver is La Terrazza. This Old World/New World osteria has been serving patrons for over 20 years. You can eat outside during the summer months on a large terrace. It features a traditional menu with well-crafted wine. Located in the Yaletown area, this upscale ristorante is a great choice.


Pepino's Italian food downtown Vancouver is an excellent choice for anyone looking to enjoy an authentic Italian dinner. This casual Italian eatery offers family-style Italian fare at reasonable prices. It's a great spot for a romantic dinner or a night out with friends. The restaurant is also well-stocked with drinks.

Pepino's Spaghetti House is a family-run Italian restaurant that serves traditional Italian fare. Known for its generous portions and friendly service, it's a popular spot among locals and visitors alike.

In addition to the hearty pastas and pizzas that make up their menu, the Italian eatery offers a cocktail list and wine list. They also use only the freshest ingredients for all of their dishes.

Di Beppe

Di Beppe is a family friendly Italian ristorante, which offers Italian food in the heart of Vancouver's Gastown neighbourhood. Founded by Italian immigrants, Di Beppe offers a variety of dishes from authentic, homestyle flavors.

The menu includes a variety of Italian favorites, such as pizza, pasta, and seafood. You can also try their delicious affogatos. And, if you're craving gelato, Di Beppe has a special ice cream menu.

Located on the corner of Cordova and Carall streets, Di Beppe's interior offers breathtaking views of Gastown. Its large bar is a great spot for a cocktail. There is also outdoor seating, which is available 5pm to 10pm.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Vancouver known for?

Let me tell what Vancouver is most famous for. It's where we live.

Vancouver is a city I am sure you have heard of. Did you also know that Vancouver is home of more than 1,000,000 residents? That's right, we're one of Canada's most populated cities.

Vancouverites love that there are so many outdoor activities. Walking, biking, skiing and kayaking are all popular activities.

We also have world-class restaurants and art galleries, museums and theatres, shopping centers, festivals, parks, and other attractions. Vancouver offers so much to do, you'll want to plan your next visit well in advance.

Our climate is so pleasant that we feel like we are on vacation all year. Vancouver is the perfect place to stay, whether you are visiting family or looking for a great spot.

You won't regret.

What are some other things you can do in Vancouver?

Vancouver offers many other things to do than just sightseeing. You can play sports such as basketball or hockey, visit art galleries and learn about history, or just relax in a spa. There are many bars and restaurants that you can go to. Vancouver is a great spot to explore and discover new things.

What is Vancouver's favorite food?

Sushi is a favourite food in Vancouver. Sushi is a popular food in Vancouver.

Sushi is a unique dish that appeals to people who like unusual food. Sushi has few calories and is therefore a healthy choice.

There are many types of sushi, and each type has its characteristics. California rolls have raw fish, while spicy sushi has grilled tuna.

You can enjoy sushi best when you eat it freshly. Buy prepared sushi and make sure it's not been left sitting for too much. As a rule, avoid eating sushi more than six hours after preparation.

These restaurants offer delicious sushi in Vancouver.

Maki Noodle House - This restaurant serves traditional Japanese dishes and sushi.

Koi is a restaurant that specializes in sushi. However, it also serves other Asian cuisines such as noodles and Ramen.

Sushi Maru - This restaurant has a wide variety of sushi, including special rolls.

Tojo's - This is Vancouver's most famous sushi restaurant. It is known for its fresh sushi and original creations.

How can I get cheap flights from Vancouver?

There are a number of ways to book cheap flights to Vancouver. You can search online to find cheap flights or join a travel club like Expedia and Travelocity. You can also look for last-minute deals at the airport or on airline websites.

Another option is to fly into a nearby city like Seattle or Portland and take a bus or train into Vancouver. You can compare prices to find the best deal for you, no matter what method.

What are some of Vancouver's best-kept secrets?

Vancouver is well-known for its beautiful natural surroundings and lively city life. However, there are still many hidden gems that can be found. Here are just some:

Capilano Suspensionbridge: A 450-foot-long suspension bridge that spans through a canyon of Capilano Park. The bridge provides breathtaking views over the surrounding forest.

Vancouver Aquarium - A world-class facility in Stanley Park, home to more than 70,000 marine species.

Gastown – A historic neighbourhood of cobblestone streets with Victorian-style houses, Gastown is now Vancouver's most fashionable area with many bars and restaurants.

Granville Island – A vibrant public market on a small island off False Creek that offers a variety of food, art, and entertainment.

Vancouver Art Gallery - This is one of the largest art museums in Western Canada. It houses over 10,000 pieces of art from all around the globe.

Science World - A hands-on science museum perfect for kids and adults.

Hiking & Nature Trails - Vancouver is surrounded by mountains and forests, making it a hiker's paradise. Many trails offer breathtaking views of the city, and others of all levels.

Beaches - With over 19 kilometres of coastline, Vancouver has no beach shortage. Popular spots include Kitsilano Beach, English Bay Beach and Jericho Beach.

These are just a handful of the many hidden gems Vancouver has to share. Explore and see for yourself!


  • The CCF's popular vote was high enough in the 1945 election that they were likely to have won three-way contests and could have formed government; however, the coalition prevented that by uniting the anti-socialist vote. (
  • Over 40 percent of Vancouver's residents were born outside of Canada, and the city is home to robust Chinese, Indian, and Filipino communities, to name a few. (
  • Sixty-four percent of residents voted in favour of hosting the games.[72] After the Olympic joy had faded, Campbell's popularity started to fall. (
  • 12.5 percent of the province's area (114,000 km2 or 44,000 sq mi) is considered protected under one of the 14 different designations that includes over 800 distinct areas. (
  • Johnson led the coalition to the highest percentage of the popular vote in British Columbia history (61 percent) in the 1949 election. (

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Best Outdoor Activities in Vancouver

Vancouver is a popular tourist destination. This city offers many activities, such as hiking, skiing, fishing and golfing. Here are some outdoor activities you can do in Vancouver.

  • Hiking - There are many ways to enjoy Vancouver's natural beauty. It is one of North America's largest urban parks, covering 1,800 hectares (4.400acres). It's home to numerous wildlife species, including bears, wolves, cougars, deer, eagles, owls, foxes, raccoons, rabbits, squirrels, porcupines, skunks, coyotes, mink, bobcats, and even mountain goats. These great hikes are perfect for those who want to go hiking around Vancouver.
  1. Mount Seymour Trail - This trail winds through forested areas and passes waterfalls. The trailhead is accessible by car, or by bus #5, which stops directly next to it.
  2. Stanley Park - Located west of downtown Vancouver, this park covers 543 hectares (1300 acres). It features several walking paths, such as the West End Coastal Trail and the East Side Coastal Trail.
  3. Lions Gate Provincial Park – This park is near Richmond, BC and has three main hiking routes. One is the Lions Bay Loop Trail that takes you through coastal forest and grasslands.
  • Vancouver is a beautiful place to play golf. It has mountains and beautiful beaches. You can play 18 holes of golf at this location. Vancouver has two public golf courses, including Royal Melbourne Golf Course, which was built in 1904. The course is located just south-west of Vancouver and offers four sets. Kitsilano Golf & Country Club may also be an option, which is located north of Vancouver. It is Canada’s oldest club of golf and was founded in 1903.
  • Skiing/Snowboarding: Everyone longs to get on the slopes in Vancouver when it snows. There are several nearby ski resorts, such as Grouse Mountain, Cypress Mountain, and Mt. Seymour, WhistlerBlackcomb Resort, Squamish Alpine Meadows. These resorts offer boarding and skiing for all levels. There are also rentals and lessons available. If you'd rather stay closer to town, try False Creek, Granville Island, English Bay Beach, Jericho Beach, Sunset Beach, or Stanley Park.
  • Kayaking is a popular sport. Kayakers often visit False Creek and Burrard Inlet when it's summer to go kayaking. But, when the weather turns colder, they head to sea. Urban Adventure Tours has many tours. There are many tours available, including stand-up paddling and whale watching.
  • Whale Watching: Many whales call the waters off Vancouver home, and people travel from all around the world to view them. Although there are many companies offering whale-watching trips in the area you should consider Pacific Wild if your preference is for something more unique. The Zodiac inflatable boats will take guests on trips to see blue whales, orcas, gray whales and pilot whales. Depending on the time of year, guests may be able feed some whales.
  • Shopping - A Vancouver trip would not be complete without visiting some shops. Here are some suggestions:
  1. Granville Island Public Market is a Granville Island market that sells everything, from local artisans to gourmet foods.
  2. Robson Street, a well-known shopping street, runs from Waterfront Station all the way to Chinatown. Apple, Roots Holt Renfrew Holt Renfrew Indigo bookstore Swarovski and many other stores are popular.
  • Restaurants: Finally, you can't go to Vancouver without stopping by one of the many restaurants. Here are some of our recommendations:
  1. Sushi – Matsuhisa Sushi is our favorite Sushi restaurant. This restaurant has been in operation since 1972. We don't know much more about it. This means that it is very old-fashioned but still very good.
  2. Thai - For Thai, we recommend Baan Thai Food Village. It's a great place to get lunch, dinner, or even breakfast. And if you're looking for dessert, check out their banana fritter milkshake.
  3. Italian - For Italian, we recommend Bar Veloce. This is a fine wine bar and restaurant that serves delicious pasta dishes such as rigatoni with meat sauce or penne with chicken marsala.
  • Nightlife - Vancouver becomes a lively city after dark. Robson Street has bars and clubs on both sides. There are many fun activities. Check out the reviews online before heading out.
  • Museums: While you are in Vancouver, be sure to stop by the following museums
  1. Museum of Anthropology - This museum features exhibits on topics such as First Nations culture, Asian influences, and the history of Canada.
  2. Science World - Science World is a hands-on science center where kids can touch real animals, play games, and learn about different scientific concepts.
  3. Museum of Glass: Want to learn more about working with glass? This museum is open to the public. The museum will give you information about the history and allow you to make your own piece of art.
  • Seals – Don't miss out on seal-watching when you visit Vancouver. You can see seals on English Bay and Stanley Park.
  • Stanley Park - If you ever want to feel like you've stepped back in time, head to Stanley Park. Many attractions here are free, and you can enjoy beautiful views of the mountains, waterfalls, and wildlife.
  • Capilano Suspension Bridge. If you're feeling adventurous hop on to the Capilano Suspension Bridge. It's located near downtown Vancouver, next to the Lions Gate Bridge.
  • Grouse Mountain. If you would prefer to be near the city center, Grouse Mountain might be a good choice. Not only does it offer incredible views of the surrounding areas, but it also has several unique attractions, including a zoo, aquarium, and children's playground.
  • BC Place Stadium- BC Place Stadium was constructed in 2002. It hosts many events. The stadium was designed so that every seat looked over the field.
  • Pacific Coliseum was built in 1966. This multi-purpose facility has held many concerts. This venue has hosted everything from Lady Gaga to Willie Nelson.
  • Granville Island Public Market is a market that sells fresh food from local vendors. There's everything from artisan bread to chocolates to prepared foods.
  • Coal Harbour - Located in Downtown Vancouver, Coal Harbour is known for its shops and waterfront paths.
  • Yaletown – Yaletown is one of the newest districts in town. It's close to bars, restaurants, and cafes.
  • PNE (Pacific National Exhibition - Since 1886, visitors and locals have come together to celebrate the birthday of our country at the PNE Fair. Take in rides, shows, and many other activities!
  • UBC (University of British Columbia). UBC, founded in 1908 and ranked among the best universities in North America. What more could you need? Great learning opportunities and world-class research facilities.
  • Chinatown - With a rich heritage and vibrant energy, Chinatown is an exciting place to explore.